I am a product designer.

As a product designer my goal is to connect stakeholders with their users through functional yet usable experiences on many platforms, and couple that user experience with modern interaction and visual design conventions and esthetics. I believe strongly in the iterative process that utilizes user journeys, prototyping, user testing, and analytics to improve a product throughout its lifecycle. I have exceptional experience with the methods to do this, as well as the tools that make it possible like Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Marvel, Flinto, OmniGraffle, and many more.

I am a frontend developer.

For years I have been bringing these user experiences to life with rapid prototypes on through to final front end code. I am well versed in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. I love working with compilers like SASS or LESS, JS frameworks like AngularJS, libraries like jQuery, and CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation, and have extensive experience in content platforms like WordPress, MODx or Drupal.  As such I understand how to work closely with engineers working on backend services through frontend markup, and have always had a great relationship with those I have worked with.

I am an artist.

I spent my youth learning how to manipulate nearly every medium to create wonderful things, and have extended that to include the digital realm. I have designed websites, interactive ads, mobile apps and games, software, motion graphics, motion typography, 3D modeling and animation, various forms of special effects, storyboards.. pretty much anything. I delve into photography and cinematography, and have even been known to use woodworking, electrical systems, and even robotics to make my creations.

I am a leader.

I have experience as a collaborator to many product teams as a Senior UX designer and UI designer, but have also been a manager of fellow employees as well as contractors, including creatives and technical personnel. In my personal life I have also been a Scoutmaster and Youth Leader for years, and have planned and executed several summer camps, activities and service projects, while running the organizations.  And I am also very fortunate to call myself an Eagle Scout.

These identities are what people I know see in me, but at heart I am simply an artist and musician that loves his family, and seeks for opportunities to make the world better, and help lift those in need.