Devin LuBean

Product Design Leader

Microsoft Office Mobile

When Microsoft was attempting to drive adoption of Windows Phone 7, they believed that showing the tight integration of Microsoft Office with the operating system was a major selling point. My team at DDB was commissioned to help with various initiatives, the online Mobile Office simulator being the project I spent the most time on. I collaborated with Microsoft’s internal Mobile Office team, and the Windows Phone team to get examples, assets, demos, and so forth to build this simulator. I worked closely with a Silverlight engineer at Microsoft to create the simulator with a tight timeline of a month. I designed the interface, and utilized 3D and 2D animations to achieve the final result. The simulator is a combination of videos, tool-tips, interactive examples, and some heuristic feature discovery. In the video below you will see some examples of the animations and interactions I created for the simulator. The simulator was accessed from both the Windows Phone and Microsoft Office websites.