Devin LuBean

Product Design Leader

Domo Covid Tracker

*WEBBY AWARD WINNER* Domo is always trying to find ways to help our customers and the community in general and see what data driven decisions can do for their business or issue they are dealing with. When COVID impacted everyone’s life in 2020, Domo decided it wanted to show how data could help people deal with it in their business, to keep things going, and stay informed. To do this we built a COVID Tracker that they could install in Domo. It became so popular that we decided to enhance it and release it to the public.

A Public Insights team was created and I was enlisted to be lead designer over several public facing projects. For the COVID Tracker the analysts and data scientists on the team with me collaborated on what data would be helpful, how that data could be shown, and how to enable anyone, no matter how much they knew about data analysis, to be successful.  We tested it internally, made some simplifications and usability improvements (no matter how cool some ideas were) and released it soon after.  We received feedback that users wanted even more data, so we added additional information and filtering / exporting capabilities.  The tracker was nominated and won a Webby Award.  Below you will first see the final version, then you will see a video of some variations we tested that did not perform as well, but we certainly had fun building them.